Reading/Watching/Listening: Pure Fun Edition


I’ve actually been reading quite a bit lately, since I’ve been trying to decompress after the release of Building From Ashes and the completion of the first Cambio Springs novel (which is looking like a February/March release, but I’m not certain.) I just finished this book, Kiss of Steel by Bec McMaster, which was a nice combo of steampunk and vampire romance. A good, slow burner which I kind of stumbled across, it’s a great ride and I really like the world-building. I’d definitely read more from this author. Have any of you read it? Let me know what you thought.

My total obsession for the last couple of weeks has really been the Iron Druid Chronicles. Oh, Atticus and Oberon, how I love you. Kevin Hearne has taken world mythology and blended it brilliantly with fierce action and hilarious pop culture references to create a unique contemporary fantasy. It’s good stuff. Atticus is a great hero as the 2100 year old last Druid walking, and Oberon is… well, he’s a talking wolfhound. A talking wolfhound. (Let that awesomeness sink in.) It’s as hilarious and endearing as it sounds. If you haven’t read these books, you’re missing out. The fifth in the series, Trapped, comes out this month and I’m SO EXCITED!


(Other than waaaay too much Disney Channel) I’ve been watching Elementary. I’m not gonna lie, I felt a little bit like I was cheating on Sherlock to do it, but then there was Johnny Lee Miller (and tattoos) with Lucy Liu and the delivery is different, so I’ve resigned myself to my guilt on this. I CAN LOVE THEM BOTH. Anyway, if you were hesitant to watch (as I was) I would like to set your mind at ease. I think if you like an edgier, non-canon Holmes with a female Watson (love that bit, Liu’s great) you’ll enjoy. It’s far more police procedural than Sherlock is, so missing an episode here and there isn’t going to set you back, which is sometimes a nice change of pace.

Listening: Gotan Project

Okay, you know I had eclectic musical tastes, right? I love this French/Argentinian/electronic/tango amalgamation of awesome. “Una Musica Brutal” was my first taste, but now I’m kinda hooked. I’m not even going to try to describe them, just watch.

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  1. Hi Elizabeth, do you mean the english BBC version of Sherlock (as opposed to the Hollywood film)? It’s one of my fav programmes and when I picture Giovanni in my head I have a slightly more beefy version of Benedict Cumberbatch in my head – swoon 🙂 I am going to watch out for Elementary here in the UK, from your description it sounds brilliant. Thank you so much for all your books by the way, they are all of them at the top of my favourite list, you have become my most favourite author to date ever! I love Giovanni and Beatrice (my daughter’s name) and Kate and Javi, so looking forward to the new series, can’t wait!

    • Yes! I love the BBC Sherlock; it’s so brilliant. Elementary is quite different, but fun, nonetheless. I’m so glad you enjoyed the books! Thanks for stopping by the blog and commenting.

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