New Release: Long Ride Home

Happy Friday, readers!

It’s been a long, strange summer, but my son and I are doing something very exciting today: We’re officially moving into our own place! Which will give me back a more normal schedule and get me back to writing and blogging more. So it seems like a good way to celebrate this long, strange summer would be to announce the release of my new short story, Long Ride Home. Here’s the synopsis:

Welcome to Cambio Springs.

In this small desert town, secrets bubble up from the desert floor, and history is written on the canyon walls. Seven friends will gather at the crossroads, because in Cambio Springs, everything—and everyone—changes.

Jena Crowe escaped the Springs ten years ago. Now, she’s heading home with two boys to start a new life. With her husband’s ghost keeping her company on the road, Jena will learn that moving back and moving backward aren’t necessarily the same thing, and sometimes the places you try to escape are exactly where you need to fall.

Three nights to say goodbye. Three days to come to grips with the future. For Jena and her two sons, it’s going to be a long ride home.

It’s a short story, which means it’s the equivalent of twenty-five pages or so, but it’s the first peek into my new series, Cambio Springs, so I hope you check it out. It’s only $0.99 over on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo right now. I hope you enjoy it, and if you could take a few minutes to leave a review after you’ve read, I’d greatly appreciate it, as always.


Barnes & Noble


I’ll be announcing a new contest over on Elemental next week, so stop by and check it out. Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Yay! Just downloaded – tomorrows read after I finish A Fall of Water, I can’t put it down. Awesome writing Miss E. I’ve been referring your Elemental Mysteries to my co-workers who are all hooked and loving it! We can’t wait for more.

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