I’m all over the place.

I’m posting teasers for A Fall of Water and even one for Carwyn’s book!

I’m extolling the virtues of editing!

I’m running my own mini-blog tour!

I’m giving away stuff on Goodreads!

And giving away an ARC of my new book!

And starting a new series!

—wait, what?

Yup. I just finished the timeline on a new book, which is the first of a series that will be set in the Southwest. I’ve talked before about how much I love the desert, and part of the reason is that for years, I would spend a month in the summer with my cousins in Northeast Arizona on the Navajo reservation. Those are some of my favorite memories, so that setting has always appealed to me. I also love the Colorado River Country between California and Arizona. So, while it’s very different from the Elemental Mysteries world, that setting was a natural place for me to explore in my writing.

And along with that setting comes a rich tradition of stories and myths that make the paranormal writer in me just drool at the possibilities. One of the common threads in a many Native American mythologies are shape-shifter or skin-walker legends. The yee naaldlooshii of Navajo myth. The Cherokee Raven Mocker. The Wendigo of Algonquin legend. Shapeshifting and animal spirits have a very long tradition in my country so I’m very excited to explore them in some fun, new ways. I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

Hope you all have a great week,


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  1. I love the sound of your new series, Elizabeth! I’m just finishing Wind and promise to review it when I do. As an editor-in-training, I also enjoyed your editing post today. You sure have a lot going on. It sounds like the title of Carwyn’s book is apt. Onward and upward.

  2. That sounds fantastic, E! I finished a series not too long ago that was based on the native american shapeshifter legends and fae, I think there were some vamps in there too. Mercy Thompson series… that’s what it was. I’m sure you’ll do something fantastic – can’t wait to see what your brain comes up with 🙂

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