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I’ve taken a few days off (“Really?” Yes, really.) and I’m enjoying a writing break before I start on my next couple of projects. The cover reveal for the fourth Elemental Mysteries book, A Fall of Water, will be happening tomorrow. ARCs will be going out to bloggers soon, and a teaser for the fourth book has already posted here.

As for upcoming projects, I have three that I’m very excited about. Carwyn’s book is still a work-in-progress, but is reaching the halfway point. I don’t have an estimated time for that release, since I’m trying to catch my breath schedule-wise. I’ve also been planning a brand new series in an entirely different universe for my paranormal-lovers out there. I’m really excited about it, and I think I’ll have a short story published over the summer that will be a prequel for the first book.

Most fun of all, my son and I will be working on a project together this summer for a children’s book series he’s concocted featuring a young and ethically challenged mad scientist named Max. Yes, Mr. Colin Hunter appears to have been bitten by the writing bug and is planning and plotting along with Mom now. (This doesn’t really come as much of a surprise considering he’s been telling me the bedtime stories for quite a while now.) I have to tell you, it really is a joint project. His imagination is so wonderful, all he’s needed is a little guidance (and, of course, my writing skills since he is seven and his typing isn’t quite as good as mine). It’s a testament to turning off the electronic devices and talking with your kids. *steps off soapbox*

Finally, there have been many articles written about book piracy, but I wanted to give you a few of my thoughts here.

An excerpt:

“I’m not going to rant about it. It’s pointless. …I’m not going to debate the ethics with you in this post; I think almost everyone knows that it’s wrong, even if they’ve justified it in their mind.

What I am going to do, is loudly say to readers who do buy my books legally…

Thank you.”

I hope you have a wonderful week, and be looking around the web tomorrow for that cover and the synopsis for A Fall of Water! I’ve only given the cover out to a few bloggers, but you’ll be able to see it over on and on the Facebook page, as well.

Thanks for reading and have a great week,


P.S. If you’ve had the time to read The Genius and the Muse, I’d really, really, with-chocolate-sprinkles, really love it if you could take the time to leave an honest review where you bought it. It makes a big difference. Thanks!

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  1. Is it goofy that I absolutely cannot wait to read the one about the “young and ethically challenged mad scientist named Max”? Because that sounds kinda fantastic. What an wonderful thing, for a child to have such creative freedom and encouragement.

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