Something’s Got to Give

Good morning, readers!

Some exciting things are happening right now with my writing, so I wanted to update the blog and give you a quick update.

First, I recently finished the first draft of the final book in my series, The Elemental Mysteries. I’m incredibly proud of the work I’ve done on that series. The first two books have been selling well. A Hidden Fire was recently on the Top 100 bestsellers list for Contemporary Fantasy on Amazon, which was very flattering. Both books have been getting consistently good reviews from both book bloggers and readers. In short, I’m pleased, and I want to thank all of you for your amazing support. The third book in the series, The Force of Wind, will release next week, and has already garnered some very positive advanced reviews on GoodReads. I’ll be doing my first blog tour to promote it next week. The final book, A Fall of Water, will be available this summer.

Second, you might have also noticed that I have taken my original story, Tracing Shadows, down from this blog. I’ve had that story complete for months now, and it was getting very little traffic. I will, however, be working on editing it for final publication sometime this year, so fans of the story will get an even better book in the end! I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s available.

Third, I’m already outlining future books in the Elementals world, and I’m in the planning stages for an entirely different series. Lots of ideas. Lots of excitement. I’m considering the possibility of cloning myself so I can get it all done.

There have been many positive and exciting developments, BUT, as my husband said recently, something’s got to give. I wrote four novels in the past year, all while maintaining two blogs. I’ve been doing the majority of promotion for my books while trying to keep up with my son’s homeschooling and running a busy household. Most of this has been accomplished because I have a fantastic partner in my husband, and I don’t sleep very much. That said, I’m going to be backing off a bit on this blog. I’m not taking anything down (except for the story I already mentioned) but I won’t be publishing as often about writing or publishing. I’ll still be posting news about the Elemental Mysteries series and future books in that world over at I’ll also still be around on Twitter and Facebook, so you can always stalk me there.

Thanks for your understanding,


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  1. I’m really glad to hear that A Hidden Fire and This Same Earth are doing so well. I read them both after Christmas and was blown away. Can’t wait for The Force of Wind next week. I’m rereading the first two so I’ll be ready for it.
    I’m sad that you will be backing off this blog and glad you will not be taking your stories down. I still like to read them from time to time.
    Just remember when you get to be a huge famous writer that we all loved you first and we will never forget . Again thank you for the many wonderful hours of great reading you have given to us and I will be waiting for many more.
    All the best to you,

  2. Thank you SO much, Cheryl! I’m so glad you enjoyed the books and I’ll still be around! I just won’t be writing as much original content because of time constraints.

    And I will never forget my long-time readers online. you were the ones who encouraged me and read me first!

    All the best, E

  3. You inspire me Lady! I am proud that I got to know even if it was only for short time and I am always talking up your writing to my friends like some sort of proud momma. Whenever I need a boost and a laugh I read your blog and wish for a cappuccino in your kitchen.

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