Reading/Watching/Listening: Christmas Edition

by Schlurcher

Okay, I’ll admit it, if there’s any season that gets me sentimental and traditional, it’s Christmas. Starting around Thanksgiving, I bake. I crochet. I drive around looking at Christmas lights with my son. I wear tweed if at all possible. Basically, the Christmas season brings out my latent British roots (which are very latent.)

And I am, to say the very least, a traditionalist. You will never see a pink Christmas tree at my house. The colors are green, red, and gold. There will be garlands. There will not be a palm tree with lights. (Even though I live in Southern California.) I like my music classical and my films period.

So, here’s my Reading/Watching/Listening: Christmas edition:

Reading: Elf on a Shelf Now, apparently, this crazy little guy has been around for a while, but this is the first year I’ve heard of him. In our house, he’s named Shrinky, and he often skips a night flying up to the North Pole (because I am lazy and forgetful, but I blame it on Shrinky). My son loves him, and the book is really quite cute; we’ve read it many times. If you want some seriously imaginative ideas about doing a photoshoot with your elf, check out (Some people have far better imaginations than I do. At least when it comes to elves.) And for the NotSafeForKids version of elf ideas, you must check this out. Because twisted humor is twisted. And awesome.

Watching: Little Women (1994) I absolutely loved this adaptation of one of my favorite childhood books. I even liked Winona Ryder as Jo (and I haven’t liked her in much since Heathers.) This movie isn’t strictly a Christmas movie, but the soundtrack is part of the Christmas season at my house, and the beginning happens at Christmas. It’s a really lovely family movie with good performances, Christmas themes that actually involve something other than Santa, and great music. Plus, Gabriel Byrne as Professor Bhaer. Win.

Listening: To Drive the Cold Winter Away I love this offering from Loreena McKennit for many reasons. It’s traditional music, but not all familiar. The sound isn’t schmaltzy. It feels cold (if that makes any sense) and I the spareness of the sound. If you like traditional Christmas music, it’s a must-have for your library. Now if you’re looking for pure beauty and traditional carols, you can’t get much better than Essential Carols, The Very Best of King’s College Choir, Cambridge. And thirty-nine songs for twelve bucks on iTunes won’t break the bank, either.

So, those are my (very traditional) favorites for this season. What are yours?

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