Promotions, Paperbacks, Sales and Stores. Happy Friday!

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It’s the last week before the release of my second book, This Same Earth, and there is much going on with my readers, the Elemental Mysteries world, and e-publishing in general this last month before Christmas. I have promotion news, book news (new book and paperback), a very interesting development in international book stores and e-book expansion, and some belated thanks to a few important people.

My news first! (Hey, it’s my blog.) The November promotion for the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption went smashingly, and readers raised over $98 to help promote adoption from the foster care system! Thanks to all of you who bought the book last month. Going forward, look for more news of my involvement and promotion of this charity that is so close to my heart.

My new promotion for the Elemental Mysteries will run through December (and possibly the first part of January). I have lowered the cost of the first book, A Hidden Fire, to just…$0.99. That’s right, folks. I’m not going to lie; it was a bit painful, but that means that, starting next week, if you know someone with an e-reader (or who is getting one for Christmas!) you can buy them the first and second Elemental Mysteries books for a total of $3.98. That’s less than four dollars for what would be almost a thousand pages of reading in paperback. If you like the books, please consider buying them for a Christmas present!

Speaking of presents, my paperback issues seem to be resolved, and I ordered proofs of the first and second books from CreateSpace yesterday. I’m very excited to see my books in paperback and make that option available for readers. I’ll let you know when I get them. (Unless they look awful, in which case I will hide them from everyone except my mother.)

I read very exciting news about the opening of the Italian and Spanish Amazon stores this morning. Why is that exciting? Well, I have quite a few international readers, and some of them live in those countries. So for them, they no longer have to pay stiff markups on e-books, which is great news for Spanish and Italian readers and independent publishers like me! I also write an Italian vampire, and I just love Italy. I spent time there in my twenties, and I absolutely adore it. It has some of the kindest, most generous people you will ever meet. I would recommend travel there for anyone. Spain? I haven’t travelled to you yet, but you’re on the top of my list. My mom and I have been planning a trip for years. And not just because of the wine, I promise.

I don’t have a teaser for you today, but if you wander over to Nocturnal Book Reviews, the author has posted an advanced review of This Same Earth, along with a very cool excerpt from the book! I hope you check it out. Karina has many fantastic reviews on her site for those who like paranormal fiction.

Last, I want to send a belated thanks to all the bloggers and reviewers that have read, enjoyed, and helped to promote my books. It can be a very hard slog when you feel like you’re in the book promotion game all on your own, and book bloggers really make a huge difference and devote a lot of time, completely out of their own love of reading. So, thank you, folks!

I hope everyone enjoys the start of the Christmas season. I have a six year old, so I am reminded of it on an almost hourly basis. Have a wonderful weekend and whatever you are reading, enjoy!

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