Meet the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

My November promotion for A Hidden Fire has really inspired me, and I wanted to write just a little bit today about the Dave Thomas Foundation, and why I have chosen to focus attention on it.  I’m happy to report that readers have already raised almost $50.00 so far! We’re only halfway through the month, so I’d love to double that! Spread the word, and for those of you who have already bought the book, thank you!

Founded in 1992, the DTFA works on multiple fronts to promote adoption awareness, grant funds to deserving local partners, and actively place children in adoptive homes.  Since 2004, their Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiters (122 nationwide) have worked within the system to place over 2500 “hard-to-place” children in loving, permanent families.  They also educate employers on how to create a more adoption friendly workplace and are a founding partner of National Adoption Day, November 19th.

While many case workers focus on finding the right child for a home, Wendy’s Wonderful Kids takes a child-centered approach that focuses on finding the right home for each child.

Now, I’ve linked to a lot of video clips on this site over the months I’ve been posting, but this might just be the most important one yet. Check it out:

Let’s show our support for this fantastic foundation, and let these kids know, “unadoptable is unacceptable.”

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