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The past couple weeks have been very busy in my world, and the world of independent publishing as a whole.  While I had my own launch last week and got the manuscript for Book Two off the editor this week, my friend and fellow writer Nichole Chase has had some new and interesting experiences, I read about an exciting funding idea from David Gaughran, and the Kobo store had some very interesting news for indie authors.

Nichole’s first book, Mortal Obligation, has been doing incredibly well on the YA lists at the Kindle store (with good reason, it’s a great book) and she’s been garnering some really fantastic attention in her native Savannah, Georgia for her involvement in the Paranormal Plumes Society (great name, no?). The Paranormal Plumes are a group of independent authors who have grouped together to participate in a book tour in Savannah this weekend. They’re doing a signing, a dinner, and a haunted Savannah tour. I really wish I could go! It’s a fantastic promotional idea, and it’s garnered some great publicity for them.  Nichole and one of the other writers even had a television interview about the tour this past week. Congratulations, ladies! The attention is well deserved.

David Gaughran, the blog author of Let’s Get Digital and a regular contributor over at, posted some really interesting news this morning.  Probably lots of you have heard of Kickstarter, the big crowdfunding site. Well, David is using a similar site (one available for non-US projects, get on that, Kickstarter) to explore funding for his novel, A Storm Hits Valparaiso.  It’s a fascinating idea, and one that could have great funding possibilities for indie writers, particularly once they have established a good fan-base.  The post and the comments thread are definitely worth a read.

News from Kobo, the third largest e-bookstore (and one more widely available for many international readers) is that they will be launching their own publishing platform some time next year.  Currently, writers have to be accepted into Smashwords Premium Catalogue (which just happened with A Hidden Fire, yay!) to be distributed to Kobo.  This sounds like promising news for indie writers, as we’ll be able to directly publish to the Kobo store in the near future. Let’s see if Apple gets a clue and uses something similar to invigorate their iBooks store.

In my personal publishing world, I’ve been incredibly gratified to recieve such great feedback from reviewers and readers about A Hidden Fire. The book currently has a 4.83 rating over at Goodreads, and eleven five star reviews over at Amazon! If some of you took the time to read and review the book, thank you so much. That’s amazing. I’ll have the cover reveal next week for This Same Earth over at the Elemental Mysteries site, so make sure you check that out if you’re interested.  It will be out in the beginning of December.

I hope you are planning something fun this Halloween weekend! My house will be overrun with ninjas to the best of my knowledge.

Happy Halloween!


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