New Release—A Hidden Fire Available

Dear Readers,

Today is the official release of my book, A Hidden Fire, the first book in the Elemental Mysteries series. (insert special effects here)

Though I have dedicated the book itself to my friend, Lacey, I would like to dedicate this release day to you, my readers online, and all the encouragement, enthusiasm, and excitement you have blessed me with.

I end most of my posts the same way, “Thanks for reading,” and I want you to know that I truly mean that.  Thank you for your time.  Thank you for your attention.  Thank you for letting me take over a little of your imagination with my stories.  I hope I haven’t wasted it.

In the past year, I hope I have made you smile, laugh, think, or even cry a little (but not from my comma abuse). And I hope you enjoy this book.  All of you are a big part of the reason I decided make this journey on my own terms.  You gave me the confidence to take that step.

I’ll be running around the blogosphere today, doing guest posts here or there, I may have an interview with Nichole Chase, a totally fab YA author, and of course, I’ll be dropping into Twitter. (You know you can always get me there!) I’ll be linking to some reviews in the coming week, but after that, I promise I’ll pipe down and let the book speak for itself.

If you read A Hidden Fire, I hope you’ll consider leaving me a review where you bought it.  Good or bad, feedback is so very important (there’s also some really technical explanation involving the word ‘algorithm’ that I’m not even going to attempt to explain here, but yeah, reviews are important). I hope to hear what you think in the coming days and weeks.

Thank you.

Thank you!

Thank you for reading,


A Hidden Fire is available to purchase for $2.99 at:


Barnes & Noble

Smashwords (should be available to all international readers outside Amazon’s reach! 10 file formats including mobi, epub, and PDF)

Please remember that even if you don’t have an e-reader, there are free e-book programs online from Amazon, Nook, and others that will enable you to read any electronic book on your computer or smartphone!  I also highly recommend Calibre, which has good quality e-reader software, all for free.  There will be a paperback version of the book eventually, but it is significantly more expensive. If you have any questions about where to get the book, or about e-books in general, please leave me a comment or email me, I’d love to answer your questions.

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