Tracing Shadows is finished! Epilogue has posted.

The Epilogue: Two Lovers has posted.

The story has finished.

Thank you so much for your time and attention.  I hope you enjoyed the story.

Thanks again to my amazing editing/beta team of Toni Cox and Kristy Scott, along with all the readers for the original story,The Genius and the Muse.  I hope you enjoyed this adaptation, it really was a labor of love.

If you enjoy my fiction, I hope you’ll continue to subscribe to the website and check out the Elemental Mysteries series. The first book, A Hidden Fire, will be released in Amazon and Barnes and Noble in just a few weeks!  The website for the series and I hope you’ll consider checking it out and maybe subscribing.  The prologue and first two chapters of Book One are on that site and up for preview.

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