Fiction Update: Editing, Writing, and That Elusive Middle Book

Despite my lack of posting over the past weeks, lots has been going on the writing front.  I’m going through the last round of edits for A Hidden Fire, which will (hopefully!) be released at the end of next month. I’m starting the shaping on the first draft of the second book, and I just wrote the prologue for the third, which I’m thrilled to finally be writing.

Editing is not an easy process, folks. When you really get into it, you can begin to second guess everything about your plot, your writing ability in general, and you become convinced that you’re a delusional dreamer. (Which I probably am, I’m just hoping you’re willing to buy my delusions at some point.) So, when one of you leaves a comment that you’re excited for the book or liked the little bits I’ve posted so far, it’s a huge boost of encouragement. I’m really fortunate that I have readers already! I can’t imagine going through all this without my online audience.

Ah, the elusive second book. I will never complain about a mediocre sequel again. (Okay, that’s probably not true.)

Writing the second book of a series is HARD! Just when you feel like you’ve got a handle on your characters and established your dynamics and voice for the story, you throw a bunch of new stuff at them and then you have to set up all sorts of plot lines for future books while still giving your readers a satisfying read in the current book! (I give myself headaches thinking about this, you guys.)

I have a huge pet peeve about books in a series that just end without any real resolution.  Even if I know another book is coming, I want each individual book to feel like a satisfying read.  Some of this is subjective, I know, but I’m trying my best to leave the right amount of mystery while still resolving the themes of each book in the Elemental Series (there will be four total).  I’m clinging to the immortal words of my husband a little on this one: “Just remember, Empire Strikes Back kind of sucked … until Return of the Jedi came out.  Then it was awesome.”

Wise, he is. (Imagine Yoda voice here.)

Despite all my angst about Book Two (which I really do love, by the way), I am incredibly excited about Book Three, which I started this week.  It’s got an entirely new setting which I’m really excited about, a lot of new characters, some very new twists, and a lot more action than I usually get to write! Did I mention I’m excited about this one?


So all in all, I’m pretty busy right now.  The Small Boy is starting school next week (I’m also a homeschooling parent) so this means even more will be going on. Luckily, he’s got some great curriculum this year and is starting a new program at our co-op, so I’m excited about that.

I’d love to hear about what you’re doing this fall if you want to share in the comments.  I hope you’re still excited about the book! I’m doing my best to make it the best read possible for you guys.  My long-time readers are the audience I hope to impress the most.

Thanks for reading,


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