New Book Cover and A First Chapter

Phew! I love you all, but my blog-cation has been kind of nice!

I have been working on more editing for A Hidden Fire and every chapter I get back from my editor makes me squeal a little. It’s not easy, folks. Sometimes you feel like your baby is being gutted, but the book is going to be so much better for all the hard work.

I’ve been playing around with a new cover, as well. While I liked the original image that C created, I didn’t really feel like the title popped out from the background, so here’s the new look:

It’s a little more dramatic than the first, and I like the gold lettering, but I’m curious what you all think, so let me know. (It’s a process, people.)

Also, I posted a little surprise for all of you who were curious what I’ve been  up to. I debated releasing the first official chapter of THE BOOK, but then I decided . . . I’m publishing indie so I could do what I want, right?

So, for all of you who were intrigued by the prologue and left me such lovely compliments, Chapter One of A Hidden Fire . . .

Thanks for reading,


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