Reading/Watching/Listening: (Kinda) Child-Safe Edition

So, most of you know I’m a mom, because the Small Boy has more groupies on twitter than I do. So, in honor of moms everywhere (and others who enjoy a little innocent, yet quirky, amusement) here is a YA and child-friendly edition of Reading/Watching/Listening.

Reading: Mortal Obligation by Nichole Chase

I have a confession, I don’t read a lot of YA fiction. I know! There’s a million awesome writers out there who are doing amazing things with the genre, but I just don’t. I taught middle school for years, so I got a little burned out by the teen angst.

However . . . I found a really good book by a YA Fantasy author (indie to boot!) that I wanted to pimp to you, my readers.  Nichole Chase is a new author I follow on twitter, and she’s written the first in a series called the Dark Betrayal Trilogy. I picked up Mortal Obligation earlier this week, I’m about three quarters of the way through, and I’m loving it! If you’re a fan of the genre, or even if you’re not, check it out. You can read the first chapter on her website here, and it’s on Amazon for the low, low price of $2.99.

If you like it, remember to review and rec to your friends. Much like indie film or music, indie authors rely a lot on word of mouth, so let people know if you find something great.

(N.B. I do not want to give the impression that Mortal Obligation is a children’s book. It has violence and emotional tension, so I would place it in the YA category. If you are recommending it to a teen, keep their age and maturity level in mind.)

Watching:  Avatar!

No, not that Avatar, the real one *wink* on Nickelodeon. Now, for those of you who are only familiar with the live action film by M. Night Shamalamadingdang, get thee to Netflix, where the original series is streaming right now! This series in four parts (or books) had well developed characters, compelling storytelling and plot arc, and the animation was gorgeous. Utterly and completely amazing.

I love this series and it’s the one cartoon my son knows he will always get a “yes” to, so I’ve seen it a few thousand times.

Listening: Barenaked Ladies: Snacktime!

For those of you who did not know that the Canadian boys grew up and had kidlets of their own . . . well, they did. Bonus for parents everywhere?

They now sing kids’ music that doesn’t make you want to stab your eye with a fork!

The Snacktime! album would be notable for “The Ninjas” song alone, but since it also features “My Big Sister” and the totally non-helpful-educationally-but-completely-hilarious song “Crazy ABCs,” it’s pure gold.  Gold, people! I love this album. It’s hilarious and very fun to listen to with your kids, or just if you have a juvenile sense of humor, as I do.

So there’s your R/W/L: Child-Safe Edition. Hope you check some of them out, and let me know what your favorites are in the comments!

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  1. Thanks so much for the recommendation on Snacktime! I have a 3 year old granddaughter that loves music and most of the kids stuff is painful from an adult’s perspective. She told me she was having a “bad day” on Monday and now I can’t wait to play that song for her.

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