Book news: Cover for A Hidden Fire?

coming Fall 2011

So, many of you know I’m planning for a fall release for my first published book, A Hidden Fire. Many of you also know (if you follow me on twitter) that my husband is a really gifted photographer/filmmaker/graphic artist. What does this have to do with my book?

When it comes to book covers … I’m really spoiled.

See, he does this thing where I tell him vague things like: “Well, it’s kind of about this guy who does this thing and then this other thing happens and the title is A Hidden Fire and oh yeah, there are books.”

Then he asks what I had in mind for a cover and I tell him. And then he comes up with a much better idea that has very little to do with my original idea except for maybe one element, but WOW it’s so much better!

See, this is why I write the books and he takes most of the pictures, people.

What’s the point of this long rambling trifle?

Two things:

1. If you think you don’t need a graphic artist to help you with your cover, please think again! Yes, you may be able to get along without one, but your cover is so important! And a good artist will come up with ideas that will blow your mind. Ask around! If you live in a community with an art school, look there for students that may be trying to build their portfolio or look online for one of the thousands of book cover artists who are working right now.

2. I have a rough book cover!

Honestly, C didn’t want me to post it yet, but I’m too excited and I want to hear what you guys think. He’s still going to do fiddly things (that’s a technical term, I think) to make it shine, but here’s the rough cover for A Hidden Fire, which will be published this fall by that really famous publisher … me.

Cool, right? Like I said there are certain parts he still wants to fiddle with, but it’s so much better than my original idea. Again, that’s why he does the visual stuff and I write the stories.

Oh, and I’m already bugging him about the book trailer. 😉

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  1. Beautiful concept. I can see where C’d want to fiddle with the positive/negative, organic/mechanical balance, but the basic layout is stunning!

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