Friday Fiction: Tracing Shadows

Last Friday, I mentioned I would be publishing my original story, Tracing Shadows, on my blog in serial form. I’m hoping that my long time readers will be happy to read this expansion of The Genius & the Muse, and new readers will be able to check out  a longer work from me. The introduction and part one are now posted.

Introduction: The Student

Part One: The Professor

I’ll be releasing this book in e-book format when it is finished posting here, but I liked the idea of putting some free content on my blog so people could get a taste of my writing before I ask them to buy my stuff this fall!

Here is the synopsis. I hope readers who might not normally read contemporary romance might also check it out.

Hey … it’s free!


Kate Mitchell is an aspiring photographer with a bright future, but an intriguing portrait by her artistic idol will lead her into a past that may affect her future in ways she could never have imagined.

Tracing Shadows is a contemporary romance set within the art world that explores love, inspiration, and how unexpected turns in life can lead us closer to finding our genius and meeting our muse.


Thanks for reading,

E. Hunter

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