Why independent publishing

Once upon a time, books were copied by learned scribes. They were precious and valued, the manuscript itself considered as much an art as the words it contained. Long story (very) short, movable type was invented, then the printing press and within a few centuries, books could be made and bought with relative ease by large companies.

Cut to 2011.

I’m publishing a book this fall. I didn’t sell it to a publishing house. I’m publishing it independently. Does this mean I’ve sent it to a bunch of agents and it was rejected? Nope. Does this mean I think it wouldn’t stand a chance in legacy publishing circles? Not necessarily.

There are other reasons to publish independently, and I’d like to outline just a few that are important to me. It comes down to three things that are priorities for me. I want to publish what I want, when I want, and I want full creative control.

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