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It’s hot at my house this week. Really hot. Like, I’m past the point of trying to get cool and just looking at this heat is if it was a type of Native American sweat lodge ritual kind of hot.

I have sad news. Tragedy touched the Hunter household this week with the death of my hard drive. Thankfully, I’d backed up both my books, but I did lose about a week’s worth of editing work on A Hidden Fire, and even more on Tracing Shadows.

 Note to self: back up every week from now on. Maybe every day. Also, steal husband’s Macbook Air. I love typing on this thing.

So, I’m not feeling much like writing, but I wanted to link to a few things that caught my interest this week:

Margaritas! (Just kidding … kind of.)

Hot weather = E with a short attention span, so I’ve been rereading a lot of Eudora Welty’s short stories. She’s sparse and intimate and is just an amazing short story writer. If you haven’t read any of her work, get crackin’!

Fleet Foxes are my new musical crush. I bought their album, Helplessness Blues, a few weeks ago and I love it with lots of exclamation points. Great sound, interesting song-writing. Check them out if you haven’t already.

Dipped my toes in the whole indie publishing debate this week, and it all started with an interesting post from David Gaughran about misperceptions about independent publishing in the traditional publishing world. He expanded on some of the real positives that indie publishing has brought to readers and writers. I love positivity, so I’m linking to it again. Also, I bought David’s If You Go Into The Woods this week on Amazon, and I’m looking forward to reading it.

Also read a very interesting first chapter from Stephanie Simmons. She’s publishing her book, Voodoo Dues, this fall and from the look of her first chapter, I’m looking forward to reading more.


Got your attention, didn’t I? I contributed to an interesting article over on the Sookieverse this past week called A Gracious Plenty of Opinions on Writing Sex. It’s a round-up of some of your favorite fan fiction authors talking about writing sex in stories. Why write it? How do you write it? Does the phrase “throbbing member” make you think of antibiotics?

Also, I would be remiss in not mentioning this truly excellent and well researched article in Time, The Boy Who Lived Forever, which tracks the growth of fan fiction from its beginnings (Gasp! Fan fiction existed before the internet? No!) and its impact on readers and writers. It’s a very interesting and balanced article about fanfic in a mainstream publication. Amazing.

So those are the things that kept me busy this week. I have written a couple of chapters for the second Elemental Mystery, This Same Earth (oh, did I just announce the title there? How about that.) I’m holding off on editing for a while since my computer is still being operated upon.

Hope you have a great weekend, and let me know what’s keeping you on your toes lately.

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  1. Thanks so much for the link and the kind words.

    I completely sympathize with your computer woes. I had a desktop and a laptop die in the same month earlier this year. It’s the pits!

    • I really enjoyed the first chapter, so I was happy to link!

      Yeah, the hard drive totally melted. I blame our refusal to use air-conditioning. I’m really liking the husband’s Macbook Air though. I kinda want to steal it now …. 😉

  2. You must live up north if you have no airconditioning. Us southerners could not survive without it. I wiil show my age however by telling you that my children think I was raised in ancient times b/c I had no air conditioning in my schools until I was in college!! Meantime, we have 100 degree heat index everyday from now until late September, so I feel your pain. Sorry for the death of the hard drive.

    • Sadly, I live in an old house in Southern California. So we have air-conditioning, it’s just very pricey to use, so we avoid it. We do, however, have a pool, which we use the heck out of. I went to university in the south, though, so I remember that heat index. It’s really something else!

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