Growing not dying

Last week, the article in the Wall Street Journal, “Cherish the Book Publishers—You’ll Miss Them When They’re Gone,” created a bit of furor around the internet and indie publishing circles. I mostly talk about writing in this space, but since I am an aspiring publisher, as well, I thought I’d offer a bit of a round-up for those who are interested, as well as a few thoughts of my own.

Yes, the article smacked of pretension, but that’s not anything Joe Konrath can’t tackle better than me. It had a lot of misinformation, but that was refuted byKristine Rusch. I subscribe to a great site by writer, David Gaughran (who I can thank for the Rusch link) and he also chimed in with some great points about all the positive developments for readers and writers in this era of indie publishing.

I wanted to link to these articles to give you a little perspective on the whole indie publishing phenomenon (which isn’t all that much of a phenomenon if you ask me, it’s been around for a while.) I’d also like to add that my husband and I are both independent artists. He’s a filmmaker, and I was bitching on twitter about him leaving this weekend to go film a documentary in Omaha, but really, I’m ridiculously proud of him and his work.

Why do I bring this up? (I’m past the bitching now.) Read more ….




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