Thanks for reading

If you haven’t noticed, I usually sign off most posts by saying “thanks for reading.” While some of you may consider this mere politeness, I’d like to take a moment this Friday morning to express how much genuine appreciation I feel for my readers.

The fact that I even have readers is ridiculously wonderful to me. Every time I get a little e-mail saying someone has subscribed to this blog, it gives me a thrill. Every single time. I have readers on this blog who read the first clumsy fan fiction I ever wrote, and are now commenting on original short stories I post here and telling me they’re looking forward to buying my books.

Do you have any concept how flattering that is?

And if you feel like I’m needlessly sucking up to you for some reason, consider this: you are loaning me your brain space for my imagination to play.

There are thousands of writers out there. I don’t flatter myself that I’m the best in any way. I still have a ton to learn and a long way to go, but in the meantime, you—my readers—offer me your time and attention to entertain you, to hopefully make you think, and to experiment with different writing forms.

I really don’t take that lightly.

So, when I say “thanks for reading” I want you to understand how much that means to me. It’s not a sign-off or a catch-phrase. It’s a sincere expression of gratitude for the time you spend reading what I write; whether it’s a blog post, short story, or new chapter.

As far as writing news goes, I hope you got the chance to read the prologue to A Hidden Fire that I posted earlier this week. I’m really excited about this book, and I hope you are, too. Also, I’ve been digging back into edits for Tracing Shadows, the contemporary romance I’ve been working on this year. I’m pretty pleased with how it is shaping up, and if all goes according to plan, it should be ready to publish late this summer or early fall. I’ll try to post a teaser for that next week.

Thanks for reading … sincerely,

Elizabeth Hunter

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