Happy Father’s Day!

Not everyone has a great dad. Some, unfortunately, are downright awful. Not everyone has kids with a man who is a good father, some are absent or uncaring.

Why am I posting about this on Father’s Day?

Because if you do have a great dad, take a minute to call, or write, or get in contact with him somehow and let him know how great he is. My father had some unexpected health problems this year, so I’m more aware than ever that he won’t always be around. I called him at 8:15 this morning. I think I woke him up, but I can tell you he didn’t seem to mind.

If the father of your children is a good dad, whether you’re married to him or not, take  a minute today to let him know that you appreciate everything he does. It can be a very thankless job, and not always one that is respected in our society.

And to the young women out there, I want to take a minute to remind you that, if you want to be a mom one day, one of the finest things you will ever do as a woman is to choose a man who will be a great father to your kids. It may not seem important when you’re young and dating, but keep it in mind. That choice has the potential to influence your life in ways you cannot even begin to imagine.

I’m reposting the link to a piece I did a few months ago about my dad and the link to a new piece of string.

Thinking about my father

Becoming dad.

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