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So, as some of you might have noticed, I’ve changed a few things about my site. For one thing, it felt a little weird to continue to see my name sprawled across the top, so I’ve given my site an actual title now! It’s a little nod to the spare prose I’m so fond of, and also to indicate the new directions I’m going as a writer.

It has been such an exciting journey to move from fanfiction to my own original stories. I’m having a wonderful time writing and, though I don’t foresee giving up fanfiction entirely (after all, it’s a lot of fun!), the majority of my time is being spent with my very own characters and the places I’m taking them.

I’m excited to be exploring the new world of independant publishing. I don’t forsee attempting to publish through a more traditional publisher at this time. As an independant person by nature, I love the opportunities that are available in the electronic book market. I’m also looking forward to pushing the limits of what new electronic platforms can do for multi-media storytelling, as well.

Just to give you a peek at what I’ve been working on, here’s a teaser from the introduction to the paranormal mystery I’ve been working so hard on. I hope you enjoy, and might be interested in reading more in the future!


Very first look:

A Hidden Fire

The tall man stole down the hallway, his footsteps echoing in the dimly lit basement of the library. He made his way quietly, brushing aside the dark hair that fell into his eyes as he looked down. The security guard turned the corner and approached, his eyes drawn to the figure that quietly glided toward him.


The guard cocked his head, trying to see past the veil of hair covering the man’s face as he neared him in the flickering service lights.

“Sir, are you looking for the lobby? You’re really not supposed to be down here.”

The tall man did not speak, but continued walking directly toward the portly security guard. As he passed the guard, he held out his hand, silently brushing his fingertips along the guard’s forearm in an almost sensual gesture before he continued down the hall, around the corner, and up the nearest staircase, never halting in his steady pace.

The guard stilled for a moment before shaking his head slightly. He looked around the dimly lit passage, wondering why he was in the hallway leading toward the old storage rooms. Checking his watch to see if his break was over, he noticed the second hand seemed to have stopped. He shook his wrist slightly before taking it off and putting it in his pocket.

“Stupid, cheap thing….” he muttered as he turned and headed back toward the break room. In the distance, he thought he heard a door in the stairwell click close.


Thanks for reading,

E. Hunter

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    • Thanks, Toni! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I appreciate it and I’m glad you liked the teaser. I’m having a lot of fun with this book!


  1. Oooo awesome teaser… reminds me of a reaper collecting a soul in Dead Like Me. I’m hooked already and I already know your writing style is fabulous so I’ll be sure to buy a copy when you publish 🙂

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